Photo credits © Bo Vloors

Assembly Call
Performance, November 11th 2021, SB34 CLOVIS, Brussels
During the opening night of the OJAI exhibition Fruit Anxiety, Desire and Method the artist takes on the character of a Passenger Service Agent, and performs a list of worldwide travel destinations. The listed destinations are referred to with their official IATA codes (International Air Transport Association). The three lettered codes serve as abbreviations and are being freely interpreted in describing the place at hand. As the audience is called out to get ready for boarding, a (subjective) weather forecast is being described for each location.

Final Call
Performance, January 13th 2022, SB34 CLOVIS, Brussels

We are deep winter, the list of travel destinations have been slightly adjusted and the weather forecast bring in gloomy and cold descriptions. During the finissage of the OJAI exhibition Fruit Anxiety, Desire and Method, the Passenger Service Agent makes a final call for boarding.

Boarding Call
audio piece, 16 minutes

recording and mixing: Astrid Destuyver

announcement jingles: accou