January to December 2023

Fresh A.I.R.#9 artist in residence scholarship program, Berlin DE

performance, Right now, Right here, Here now, WIELS Art Book Fair, WIELS, September 17th, Brussels BE

performance, Walking stories and Poems, Le Lac, July 8th, Brussels BE

workshop, Walking and Writing the City #2, Le Lac, June 22nd, Brussels BE
performance, Final Call, Les Heures Sauvages,  curated by Pauline Hatzigeorgiou, Centre Wallonie Bruxelles, June 10th, Paris FR
Vitrine, Urban Rhythms, collaboration with Céline Lafrikh, Art au Centre #9, June 2nd, Liège BE

article by Raymond Balau, Boarding Call, L'art même #87, 2ème Quadrimestre 2022
workshop, Walking and Writing the City #1, Le Lac, April 27th, Brussels BE
audio piece commission, Assembly Call/ Final Call, Airport Special (O.J.A.I./No Tourists), April 11th, Dublin Digital Radio

performance, Final Call, SB34 Clovis, January 13th, Brussels BE

performance, Space Travel, Stelplaats, December 5th, Leuven BE
performance, Assembly Call, SB34 Clovis, November 11th, Brussels BE
group show, BruocsellA, K.L.8, from October 30th to November 5th, Brussels BE
(online) publication, KIOSK’s Linda Nochlin Fanzine 1st issue & 3rd issue
performance, Bureau of Lost Causes, Apples & Oranges an artists' publications and multiple fair, CIAP & FLACC & C-Mine, October 2nd, Genk BE

performance, Lost and Found,  SUEUR festival, Abdij van Vorst, September 26th, Brussels BE

vitrine expo, Urban Rhythms, GC De Maalbeek, from September 1st to September 31st, Brussels BE

open studios, SB34 - The Pool, Brussels BE
group show, THE FEMALE HAZE(d), curated by Maryam Kamal Hedayat X ARGOS, Decoratelier, September 23rd, Brussels BE
group show, Slow Motion Slumber, Rue Denmark 35, from September 2nd to September 6th, Brussels BE



solo show, (To Take) A Form To Make A Form, Cas-co, from March 22nd to March 30th, Leuven BE
residency, N+1 Project Space, Caso-co, Leuven BE, February - March
video screening, Circular Movements, Cas-co, October 16th to October 21st, Leuven BE


Cas-Co Award: N+1 Project Space, Leuven
group show, Jonge Kunstenaars, De Directeurswoning, Roeselare BE

group show, Jonge Kunstenaars, Carrington Gallery, Ghent BE
group show, Jonge Kunstenaars, Sint-Lukasgalerie, Brussels BE

graduation show, Reviewing Authorship, LUCA SCHOOL OF ARTS, Brussels BE
residency, La Vallée, Brussels BE, February - March
group show, There’s Always More to See, M. Museum, Leuven BE


group show, I EYE MADE THIS THESE, Greylight Projects, Brussels BE
group show, I spy with my little eye, Gap gap gallery, Leipzig DE 

group show, Brussels Complex, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig DE


group show, Le mythe acide de la cerise eclectique au salon sauvage, Maison Des Arts, Brussels BE

Artistic collaborations
group show, NEKUIA, soundpiece with Stephanie Becquet, Brussels BE
performance, Soup Sonnette, with Romy Vanderveken and Stephanie Becquet, Festival Poisson-Évêque, Brussels BE
performance, Do Not Open: 02, with Bo Vloors, Emma Verbeeck, Max Meyer, Arthur Brouns, Oscar Cassamajor and Quinten Vermaelen, La Vallée,  Brussels BE

Sneeuwlicht, a theaterplay by Heleen Desmet, scenography with Romy Vanderveken and Stephanie Becquet, OPEK, Leuven BE

performance, with Stephanie Becquet, HET HUIS, Mechelen BE

performance, CANARD, with Astrid Bode, Emma Verbeeck, Sigrid Van Tichelen, Elise Ghyselen and Stephanie Becquet, Mechelen BE