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EXCERPT, performance Where Are We Going on June 16th at SB34 in Brussels.

Photo credits Bo Vloors

Where Are We Going, 2023. 

Where Are We Going, is a script that explores the implications and nuances of a shared experience through spoken and written forms of communication as well as non-verbal forms of expression such as gesture. The work is presented in two forms — both as a book and as a performance, both presenting the same content in their own way.

The book unfolds a dialogue between characters who embark on an indefinite journey in search of orientation, both physically and mentally. Throughout the book, the characters' positions and states are in constant flux as they assess and occasionally lose sight of each other due to misinterpretation or simple misdirection.

The performance explores the spatiality of the dialogue and the architecture of the exhibition space, using the structure of the layout and the typographic cues of the book to convey the movements, perspectives and voices of each character.

Where Are We Going is the first script in a three-part series of publications and performances. The series looks at the way we move in our physical and non-physical environment. It explores the ambiguity of language, the ambivalent nature of communication and how these factors shape our perception of the places we occupy.


book launch and performance at SB34-The Pool, Brussels.

Green top design by Stephanie Becquet

Bookstand design by Pim Heerkens

Screen-printed ribbon by Liselotte Van Daele

With the support of  De VGC (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie)

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