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Photo credits Dániel Mátyás Fülöpnas

Voices in the Blue, 2024. 
Voices in the Blue explores the autonomy of words through a series of ten sentences, each pointing to different states of words and their desires. By personifying words, the project invites us to imagine the desires and impulses inherent in them, counterbalancing the conventional view that words are static containers for human thoughts, ideas and desires.


The letters were transferred by hand using blue carbon paper onto long strips of white paper. This manual process reflects an intimate engagement with the material, as the scratching of the surface symbolises the attempt to reveal the hidden desires of the words.


During the Blue Bench Session, the work was activated by reading the sentences aloud and weaving them onto a fence in front of the blue bench and the audience.


Voices in the Blue was created at the invitation of artist Gilles Hellemans for the third edition of the Blue Bench Sessions. For this edition, Hellemans invited the artists Anastasia Hadjipapa-McCammon and Marjolein Guldentops.

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