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Bureau of Lost Causes, 2021-2023

Bureau of Lost Causes is an 

The "Bureau of Lost Causes" is an immersive installation that delves into the multifaceted experiences of loss. Its primary purpose is to create a space for connection, empathy, and reflection through various components.

When activated, visitors are invited to engage in conversations and share their personal experiences of loss. These conversations are recorded with a typewriter and archived on a lengthy roll of paper, forming a living document of individual stories of loss.


In addition to the conversational element, the installation features a library of books related to the topic of loss. This resource allows visitors to explore diverse perspectives, narratives, and artistic expressions connected to the theme of loss.

The installation also houses two rolodexes. The first rolodex contains 172 hand-stamped index cards, each listing expressions associated with the experience of being lost and items or aspects that can be lost in life. The second rolodex catalogues stories of female artists who have experienced the loss or intentional disappearance of their work, whether due to external factors or deliberate artistic choices. This collection sheds light on the struggles and resilience of these artists, igniting discussions about gender inequality, artistic decisions, and the preservation of creative work. Visitors can browse these cards, using them as prompts for personal reflection and storytelling.


The "Bureau of Lost Causes" is an evolving exploration of loss in its various forms. It extends an invitation to visitors to share, learn, and reflect on their own experiences while acknowledging the complexities of loss within the context of art and personal narratives, fostering connection through shared narratives.


photo 4 credits Josephine Kaeppelin

photo 5 & 6 credits Stefanie Schaut and Saverio Sammartino

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