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Bureau of Lost Causes, 2021. installation, rolodex, 100 business cards,typewriter, desk, lamp, paper roll

The Bureau of Lost Causes is a facility dedicated to the exploration of loss, losing, and being lost. This concept is viewed from various angles, including as an action, a feeling, a state of being, and both a beginning and an end. Despite its personal nature, loss is something that unites us all.

When The Bureau of Lost Causes is activated, it serves as a safe space for visitors to share their thoughts and personal experiences of loss. Through a conversation-based performance, participants are encouraged to speak freely and share whatever they feel comfortable sharing. After the conversation, a small record is created based on the memory of that discussion. These fragments are then compiled and archived onto a long roll of paper, allowing The Bureau of Lost Causes to keep track of these valuable records.


During "Apples And Oranges an artists’ publications and multiple fair”, C-mine Genk, 2021.
photo credits Stefanie Schaut and Saverio Sammartino

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