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Where Are We Going, 2023. 
The book features a dialogue among characters embarking on an undefined journey, seeking both physical and mental direction. Initiated by questions at the start of each page, these conversations subtly emphasise the importance of social engagement—whether it involves listening, waiting, or proceeding individually or collectively. This exchange is not only about finding direction but also about forming and sustaining relationships.


Throughout the book, the characters’ positions and circumstances continually shift. They evaluate one another, occasionally losing sight due to misinterpretation or being led astray. The book’s design mirrors these experiences with shifting lines of text, allowing each character a moment of solitude before the next, hinting at their potential actions in the narrative.

Edited and Designed by Marjolein Guldentops and Carl Haase

Published by Zero-Desk Editions

Letterpress printed by Megan O'Connell and Armina Ghazaryan

Images RISO printed by An Onghena

Bound by Lieve Vandeputte

Bookmark screen-printed by Liselotte Van Daele

Edition of 50

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