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Where Are We Going, 2023. 
Where Are We Going is a script that explores the impact and nuances of a shared experience, encompassing spoken and written modes of communication, as well as nonverbal elements like gestures. The work is presented in two forms, that of a book and as a performance, each presenting the same content in its distinct ways.

The book features a dialogue between characters who embark on an undefined journey in search of direction, both physically and mentally. The conversations are initiated and prompted by a series of questions opening each page. These questions allude to the importance of engagement - listening, waiting, or moving on, either alone or together - and the exchange, not only in search of direction but also in the building and sustaining of relationships. Throughout the book, the characters' positions and conditions are in constant motion as they assess each other, sometimes losing sight of one another through misinterpretation or simply being misled. These experiences are equally present in how the book has been designed, with shifting lines of text, allowing each one a moment of space before the next one starts, insinuating the possible actions of each character.

The performance explores the spatiality of the dialogue and the architectural aspects of the exhibition space. It is guided by the structure and typographic cues of the layout, conveying the movements, perception, and voice of each character.

Where Are We Going  is the first script in a three-part series of publications and performances. The series delves into the ways in which we navigate our physical and non-physical surroundings, exploring the challenges, intricacies of communication, and how it affects our perception of the places we occupy.


Photo credits Bo Vloors

Details book:
Edited and Designed by Marjolein Guldentops and Carl Haase

Published by Zero-Desk Editions

Letterpress printed by Megan O'Connell and Armina Ghazaryan

Images RISO printed by An Onghena

Bound by Lieve Vandeputte

Bookmark screen-printed by Liselotte Van Daele

Edition of 50


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